120 women shopped at Trenýrkárna.cz and shared reviews of the e-shop and the products they bought

We have tested the purchase and services offered by the Trenýrkárna.cz e-shop on the ŽENY s.r.o. community. The testers received a discount voucher worth CZK 300 for the entire purchase. The order was conditioned by a minimum value of 500 CZK and the purchase of at least one piece of Styx shorts.


Registered testers

Interested women who wanted to buy at Trenýrkárna.cz.



The amount of orders the client has received as a result of testing.


Total number of reviews

We have published unique reviews on 3 websites.



The result of the testers in the form of Net Promoter Score.

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How did the campaign go?

130 testers were involved in the testing and were sent a unique discount code to purchase. The selected tester knew in advance what her obligation was for the voucher she received. Our selected female consumers had to purchase from the e-shop, test the product and then write an objective user review. The reviews were then shared on the ŽENY s.r.o. community, on Heureka.cz and they also had to rate the purchased product on the Trenýrkárna.cz e-shop.

Added value for the client as an extra bonus

Thanks to this form of testing, the client gained new customers, increased brand and product awareness. He also gained additional information from all those who applied for testing in the form of feedback on specific questions in the survey.


The largest Czech e-shop with men's underwear, but also women's underwear. You can choose from Czech to international underwear brands at reasonable prices. Tights, boxers, underwear for couples, just what you can think of. If we can recommend, be sure to check out the Czech brand Styx, whose complete production is directly in the Czech Republic.
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Client statement:

"Thanks to the cooperation with Testuj.to and their communities, we managed to get very comprehensive and valuable reviews. We were able to get a lot of information about what we can improve, what level our product is at and the service we provide to our customers. Another significant benefit for us has been the considerable reach on social media. The collaboration was very quick, responsive and without a single issue on our behalf."

Petr Polák

Marketing director

Brand Testing Club statement:

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"Communication with the Trenýrkárna.cz client was fast, concise and to the point. We were launching a campaign before Christmas and were looking for testers to buy a gift for themselves or a loved one on the e-shop. The campaign was perfectly timed and succeeded in every way. The client gained female customers, reviews and last but not least, survey data. Thank you and we look forward to working with you again."

Andrea Gawron

Community Sales
Michaela Antikainen

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Michaela Antikainen - Sales Development Representative Brand Testing Club
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