Blind tasting for Tekro pleased especially the pets of our testers

The current pandemic is closing schools, restaurants, hotels and dog shelters. It was in shelters that Tekro previously tested its nutritional products. They have always tried to find out how the food tastes to the animals so that they can adjust the products if necessary and deliver only pure quality to the pet owners. Despite the closure of the shelters, Tekro did not want to give up objective feedback from the boarders themselves. That's why they turned to To get authentic reviews and test a total of 3 types of pet kibble, we chose a blind tasting method. We used our loyal community of testers, ŽENY s.r.o., who collected 125 reviews and questionnaires for Tekro.


Completed questionnaires

The questionnaires were filled in on behalf of the pets by their owners.


Testing completed

And more testing is on the way.


Registered testers

Testing with fur babies has generated a lot of interest.

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How to get unbiased data on product quality?

Our furry pets undoubtedly deserve a diet that is palatable and that also provides them with all the necessary nutrients. That is why Tekro carefully tests its products before they reach the market. Before the coronavirus pandemic, testing was carried out in shelters. But now they are empty. Testing at the suppliers themselves is a difficult choice for Tekro because of limited capacity, commercial pressures and possible biased results. Quality testing is also crucial for the production of packaging, on which all ingredients must be listed. If, for example, a new range of kibble is later found to be not so tasty to dogs, the million-dollar packaging must be thrown away. So how can we get the data right, minimise waste and please especially hungry pets?

Blind testing

The main challenge was to ensure transparency of the results and their timely delivery due to the quality and palatability verification of the products and the design of the packaging. The testing was especially enjoyed by the pets of our testers. They received from us packages of kibble marked simply with the letters C, D, and E. So they had no idea what product they were serving. This allowed us to get unbiased feedback and even information about the animals' behaviour, because the testers took the blind tasting really seriously and didn't want to leave anything to chance. These were their pets, after all.


In 1991, Tekro set out to make animals happier. It specialises in the production and consultancy of nutrition and health for domestic and farm animals.
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Client statement:

"The cooperation has been successful. Now we are testing kibble, but we also tested supplements. It is not a problem to test anything on any target group. The advantage is also the concurrent testing. It allows us to cover a really wide product portfolio. For me, what is particularly important is the transparency and the quality of the outputs we have achieved. I also appreciate the approach of the team, for whom nothing is an obstacle, and thanks to their approach I did not have to worry about anything during the testing."

Michaela Gábríková


Brand Testing Club statement:

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"With Tekro, we started a unique testing process that helps the company to verify the quality and taste of the products and the packaging. We jumped into this challenge with excitement and curiosity to see how our testers (and their pets) would take to it. The results didn't take long to come in and we received positive feedback from the client on the quality of the testers' outputs. Communication was smooth and uncomplicated and we look forward to the next scheduled collaboration."

Pavlína Žabková

Community Senior Account Manager
Michaela Antikainen

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