Pre-testing of the healthy snack combination BIO Hummus and Zemanka crackers

Client assignments may vary. And so the possibility to involve testers in the creation of the product is attractive not only for us, but also for the testers themselves. Especially when the product is yet to be launched. That's why we came up with a campaign with the I Love Hummus brand, in which we selected 100 testers and started pre-testing the healthy snack. In doing so, we generated not only user reviews, but also other data needed to start selling this new product combination.


Selected testers

Every involved user shared their experience and feedback in an online survey.


Completed surveys

Detailed feedback from each tester on the healthy snack combination after testing it.


Satisfaction with the taste of the products

The result of the testers in the form of Net Promoter Score.

Reviews posted on:



What was the brief and expectations of the campaign?

We have selected the community of ŽENY s.r.o. for the testing, which supported the testing challenge on the homepage of the website, on social networks and in the newsletter. The testers were selected within the first week of launching the testing challenge and the return rate of reviews was almost 100% within the first three weeks of the campaign. Testers picked up two boxes of Original BIO Hummus and two types of Zemanka crackers at the ŽENY s.r.o. office in Prague. They tested and shared a review and online survey.

Testers shared their experience and got involved in the design of the packaging

In addition to the reviews, the testers had the opportunity to participate in an online survey on the topic of which flavour of crackers they liked better in combination with hummus and whether the size was enough for them. They also contributed to the snack's packaging, name and price.

I Love Hummus gives its customers the opportunity to eat better and feel better. It not only offers tasty and quality products, but also respects the fundamentals of the concept of sustainable development.
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Client statement:

"First and foremost, I would highlight the professionalism, flexibility, communication and excellent project management of the people at, despite the circumstances of the emergency during the coronavirus. I am a demanding customer and the collaboration on the project was perfect, I enjoyed it very much. I really appreciated the sophisticated model of The way to get feedback from testers, because we never achieve such a high response rate in the surveys we conduct ourselves. In addition to the responses to the questionnaire we created ourselves, we also received very valuable independent reviews on BIO HUMMUS, which help us understand how customers perceive the product. I recommend to all companies that are not indifferent to customer feedback. In our "food business" customer perception is the alpha and omega of success. I will be happy to do it again at the next possible opportunity. Good luck."

Kamila Lhotáková

Co-owner of I love Hummus

Brand Testing Club statement:

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"Kamila Lhotakova is a great professional. It is extremely inspiring to see how she and her husband build and develop their company and project from scratch to winning awards in various competitions. The collaboration has gone far beyond the business case and has turned into cooperation and mutual support beyond testing. More such people in the Czech business environment."

Lucie Asenová

Sales division
Michaela Antikainen

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Michaela Antikainen - Sales Development Representative Brand Testing Club
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