Testing with Bosch and marketing campaign tripled sales

Bosch use the User-Centricity approach. This means that they care about customer feedback. In fact, they try to use it effectively and improve their products accordingly.

Perhaps what bothered Bosch even more was the lack of quality reviews for the newly launched products. They saw product testing as an opportunity to expand product awareness, increase sales and prepare for the upcoming marketing campaign.

Together, we started by describing the target customer groups and selecting products to test. In the end, the testers could choose between the measuring laser (tested on TV) and the cleaning brush.

The result was heaps of quality reviews (120), authentic photos from testers and a tripling of cleaning brush sales.


Total number of reviews

We tested the cleaning brush and the measurement laser.


Number of applications

Bosch definitely impressed our testers.

351 000

TV show viewers

That's how many viewers watched the announcement of the testing on Na Houpačce.


Number of photos and videos from testers

Bosch will use the photos and videos from the testers in its next marketing campaign.

Reviews posted on:









A new product without reviews doesn't stand a chance

Despite an extensive marketing campaign on many platforms, a new product without reviews does not go down well with users. Bosch needed to prepare for a situation where a customer sees a product in a banner ad, for example, and clicks through to find reviews right away. At the same time, the feedback was also missing for the developers so that they could further improve the product. User-centricity is a priority for Bosch.

Getting reviews, triple sales and 5 stars on Heureka

Bosch saw the whole testing as a kind of backdrop for the upcoming marketing campaign. We tested measuring lasers and cleaning brushes, and testers shared photos and videos in addition to reviews. Bosch used this material in a large-scale marketing campaign through banners, YouTube ads, etc. that caused sales of the UniversalBrush to triple.


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Client statement:

"Overall, I rate the collaboration very positively. You have a better feeling when you start an expensive marketing campaign that thanks to good preparation, getting reviews, your investment is going to pay off. We even managed to reach another segment of customers that we had not been able to reach before. And we were also pleased with the results on Heureka. We got 5 stars right away (a rating higher than 90%). We are happy to continue with other products. I am very happy that something like this is on our market."

Adéla Lišková

Retail Marketing Manager

Brand Testing Club statement:

Brand Testing Club logo
"The collaboration with Bosch perfectly prepared the right start for the launch of the marketing campaign for the tested products. Thanks to the smooth and clear communication between Testuj.to and Bosch, we were able to create well prepared tests, involving microinfluencers from all over the country. They not only tested the products perfectly in a variety of conditions, but also rated them well. The evaluations were generated in the form of written text, photos, but also in the form of video reviews."

Michaela Kvapilová

Community Account Manager
Michaela Antikainen

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Michaela Antikainen - Sales Development Representative Brand Testing Club
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