14. 7. 2023

Employees must trust you - 4 benefits of building a workplace brand trust

A company's trust starts from the inside. Before you can attract customers with high brand trust, your employees must first trust you. When they thrive, they are more productive, happier and flexible. In untrustworthy companies, on the other hand, performance declines, mistakes and burnout increase.

Trust keeps people together. And nowhere is cohesion and team spirit more important than in a work team. Years of research show that employee trust in a brand affects the company as a whole, from sales to recruitment.

What are the most important impacts?

Building a brand trust increases productivity

In a 2016 survey, 55% of global brand CEOs complained that a lack of trust limits business growth. So it's no surprise that employees at trusted companies are up to half as productive.

When experts reflect on why this is the case, they often agree that trusted organisations give their employees space. In one survey, 64% of people preferred the option of greater work flexibility over a 10% pay raise. People simply need the opportunity to express themselves.

At the same time, employees of trusted brands are 74% less stressed, have 106% more energy and are 13% less sick. These factors likely play a role as well.

Trust enables cooperation...

...and it's one of the most reliable paths to success. Researches show today and every day that teamwork produces better results than competition. Competitive environments significantly reduce innovation performance. Employees have fewer ideas and work quickly becomes a boring routine.

Confidence in yourself, and your brand, makes it easier to work in a team that slowly but surely leads the company to its goals.

Building a brand trust increases creativity and innovation

Employees of a brand with a high brand trust are not afraid to try new things. They know the company provides a stable environment where they can safely push boundaries. This fact significantly increases innovation and creativity.

However, according to some experts, only 4% of businesses suffer from a lack of ideas. The vast majority fail to implement them.

Good ideas are only a small part of real change. You need to be able to select them carefully, apply them, keep the team enthusiastic about implementing them, and ultimately communicate the results effectively. Fortunately, employees with confidence also shine in these aspects.

Trust enables effective conflict resolution

The workplace cannot do without conflict. Business needs healthy discussion and controversy to grow.

For people to be willing to speak up and risk a possible centre of interest, they must trust that they won't lose their jobs because of it. Only in a stable background are they not afraid to say what they think and stand by it. This is also why employees in trusted brands argue more and are also heard more.

The company discovers new perspectives as a result. It becomes aware of what it is doing wrong, studying problems more thoroughly. All these processes allow it to optimize its organization and performance. It distributes resources better, increases turnover, and is thus able to value its employees better.

The whole process quickly becomes a virtuous circle of success.

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