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More and more sales are shifting from brick-and-mortar stores to the online environment. We can help you with a new kind of marketing that uses the best advertising on the market - personal recommendations.
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How does it work?

Why even get product reviews?

Due to the sales shift to the online environment, customers are being chased by more personalised advertising. Yet up to 96% of customers do not believe the advertising messages. Brand trust is disappearing. That's why we realise that we need to take a different approach to advertising.

People need social proof - proof that product is high quality and worth buying. And the most convincing proof is generally personal recommendations and reviews. Studies show that 72% of users won't buy a product without reading reviews.

Sample review.

Quality, long and objective review text.

has pluses
has minuses

Only authentic and verified reviews

All the reviews you get from testers are always objective and verified. We check each one individually to make sure it meets strict quality rules - rich in information, minimum length of 250 characters, pros and cons mentioned (if any), etc.

Community of 80 000+ testers

We can reach over 80 000+ testers from all over the Czech and Slovak Republic. They will affect your potential customers with their content and reviews and spread awareness of your product further. Who are you looking for? Nurses, businesswomen or maybe fishermen and car enthusiasts? We know them!

80 000+

Useful and valuable data

The client interface is a treasure chest. It contains valuable data for your sales and marketing department. And what you don't find there, our business will add. What our customers appreciate most:
  •   Funnel from testing visits to number of selected testers
  •   Responses of all testers to input questions (exportable to .csv)
  •   Wordclouds - a clear representation of the most frequently mentioned pros and cons of the tested product
  •   All reviews (exportable to .csv)
  •   Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction Feedback
  • Photo and video gallery of content from testers

What results can you expect from the campaigns?

The outcome of the campaign is increased brand and product awareness, sharing of testers' experiences on social media and other venues, and reviews on many portals.

Where can you get reviews, for example?

The following companies already trust us

Martin Žižka
"Thanks to the community of ŽENY s.r.o., Brand Testing Club has managed to escape its competitors thanks to its user interface and cooperation with other portals. I appreciate the professional approach of the merchants and individual accounts for each campaign they arrange. Their service and approach is above standard in this day and age. And I believe it is because of this approach towards microinfluencers that the success rate in terms of testers posting reviews is so high."

Martin Žižka

Digital Marketing Manager  Philips
"Thanks to the joint campaign, we managed to distribute a high number of products to female consumers within a month, who shared their experiences across social networks beyond our expectations. We not only received reviews and a range of insightful data, but also quite natural Word of Mouth over a period of several weeks. I can still feel the reverberations of the campaign today, four months after we started working together."

Jiří Krechler

Marketing manager Vileda + Gimi CZSK
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Michaela Antikainen

“Find out how we can help you with Brand Testing Club”

Michaela Antikainen - Sales Development Representative Brand Testing Club
Brand Testing Club is a new marketing tool that aims to help brands test products and generate reviews across Europe along with other authentic content from testers. This creates priceless advertising that customers trust.
Don't worry, we send email about once a week and don't send any spam.
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