5. 7. 2023

How to make as much UGC as possible and the benefits associated with it

UGC, or user-generated content, is one of the best ways to promote your products. It's proven to increase conversions, promote brand trust, and is always authentic and relevant to your clientele. It's in every brand's interest to have as much of it as possible, but not everyone knows how to do it. Discover the best strategies in today's article!

UGC is all the reviews, photos and videos that customers create with your products

They influence purchase decisions for up to 80% of people , increase conversions by tens of percent and are often up to three times more authentic than traditional advertising. This also makes UGC an invaluable marketing potential that is worth exploiting to the full. But first you need to collect it effectively...

Encourage UGC where you can

On the website, in the newsletter, after the purchase of a product, in social media stories. According to surveys, 7 out of 10 people listen1, all they need is a well-targeted request.

Reward them

A discount, a free tester, free postage or access to a new product pre-sale. All of these benefits motivate up to 73% of people2, according to surveys. At the same time, if they receive your product in return for their efforts, they are likely to reshare it, thus multiplying the effect.

The reward doesn't have to be material

Simply making their creation visible on your profile is also a common practice. For example, The Rock does this regularly, actively posting reaction videos to his fans' posts.

Make content creation easier with Brand hashtags

Most people take between 150 and 250 photos and videos a month3 that they then immediately share online. If those images include images of your products, you need a way to effectively but non-violently connect your brand with them. Hashtags are literally made for this.

Organise a Brand Challenge

Public contests are a classic marketing strategy that also works great for generating UGC. Whether it's a sketch shoot, the prettiest photo or the funniest story, the foundation for success is always there:

  • The right balance between reward and conditions. The buyer must feel that participation is worth it.
  • Clear rules.
  • A fully transparent and fair evaluation system.
  • Strict timing restrictions.

Connect with micro and nano influencers

Nano and micro influencers are generally people who have 100 to 10,000 followers on their networks. They are often organic community creators who still manage to maintain full contact with their audience and their work is accepted as more credible than bigger names. They can take full advantage of this when promoting your products, on better financial terms.

You get UGC with every testing with Testuj.to

Creating and sharing photos, videos and other types of content is mandatory for our testers. As a brand, this gives you a wave of content that will boost your social media algorithm and SEO. You also have free rein to use the material in advertising. Learn more and test with us today!


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