Help your clients grow with the power of word of mouth

Are you a marketing, PR or media agency? Add the ability to generate reviews to your portfolio and help your clients move forward.
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Benefits for all parties involved


another attractive service
microinfluencer community
addition of your own products smuha
mapa evropy


large number of quality reviews
Europe-wide reach
expanding brand awareness


free or discounted product
reviews help to make better decisions
the opportunity to try new products

How does it work?

Stages of cooperation

Entry Partner


the promotion of testing will remain in our hands
charged workshop
Pro Partner


promotion of testing in your hands
free plugin for the first 3 months
free workshop
Certified Partner


inclusion among Brand Testing Club certified partners
once every 6 months - free workshop

Our clients and what they think about our service

Kamila Pacula
"Our cooperation with Brand Testing Club, using the example of testing printers with microinfluencers, has confirmed that this form can be another way to make the decision-making process easier for our clients' customers. Thanks to the Brand Testing Club team for the pleasant cooperation and professional presentation of the results."


Digital creative strategist, FUSE
lovela klient
"Implemented campaigns confirm that brands can gain not only valuable reviews on the first day of sales, but also insight into the customer mindset and increased brand affinity. But this form of collaboration is also extremely beneficial for the influencers themselves, not to mention the engagement of users who really enjoy testing."


Influencer Marketing Consultant, Konektor Influencers

Our partners

Certified partners:
Other partners:
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Michaela Antikainen

“Find out how we can help you with Brand Testing Club”

Michaela Antikainen - Sales Development Representative Brand Testing Club
Brand Testing Club is a new marketing tool that aims to help brands test products and generate reviews across Europe along with other authentic content from testers. This creates priceless advertising that customers trust.
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