19. 9. 2023

The reason to have even average reviews: for effective business and better review marketing

There is a huge amount of highly negative or positive reviews on the internet, but hardly any average reviews. Why is this? In our search for an ...
29. 8. 2023

Reviews and email marketing are a perfect match, find out why!

Reviews and email marketing is dream team, nothing beats a newsletter with reviews, and post-purchase email is the best way to collect reviews. How do you make ...
22. 8. 2023

Quality reviews make SEO work for you: 3 tips on what to look for

Reviews will boost your SEO. They provide valuable keywords, word-of-mouth and inspiration for content that search engines and customers will notice. But they need to be of ...
14. 8. 2023

Reviews support conversions: they are an essential purchasing factor for customers

Buyers are interested in reviews - how does this translate to conversions? Is review marketing really as effective as claimed? Find out more!
7. 8. 2023

Knowing the customer journey is the foundation of business: reviews help every step of the way

Reviews meet customer requirements at every stage of the customer journey, from research to recommendation. Find out why in today's article!
2. 8. 2023

Outdated reviews reduce conversions. Fix it

How old are the reviews for your products? How about six months? In that case, you are losing 38% of your potential customers every day and conversion ...
27. 7. 2023

The Big Comparison: the impact of the number of reviews on conversions across segments

Reviews work regardless of the industry, but they can shine extra bright in some categories. Let's take a look at how the power of reviews varies across ...
25. 7. 2023

Want to start collecting reviews effectively: how do we help you at Brand Testing Club?

Instead of huge campaigns, emails after purchases and loyalty rewards, we can connect you with hundreds of people in your target audience.
21. 7. 2023

How to build and maintain your brand trust: 4 practical tips

A trusted brand has a loyal clientele, benefits from repeat purchases, and can withstand competition and crisis. How to build brand trust? And how to maintain it ...
18. 7. 2023

Gen Z lives in a digital world; they consider a large number of high-quality reviews as a given.

Most of them are influenced by influencers' opinions, but they are still more concerned with the volume of reviews than any previous generation. Read more in the article.
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