For 93% of customers, reviews are the determining factor when shopping

We have already tested 88 373 products. Add yours to the list and convince your potential customers to buy.
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Build awareness of your product and get valuable feedback
For Brands


Distribute your products through microinfluencers and get valuable reviews.
For E-Shops

Media portals

Benefit from your site visitors and create a testing community.
For media portals

Partner programme

Help your clients grow and offer them Brand Testing Club services.
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For agencies


Whether your product is new to the market or customers have known it for some time, testing can be used in any part of the sales process.

It's the most common choice of our clients and brings a ton of quality reviews that we publish on community portals, social media, comparison sites and other places.


Pre-testing is suitable for a new product you want to launch. This way you don't have to wait for a gradual accumulation of reviews, but enter the market with an already evaluated product.

Thanks to these reviews, you will get valuable feedback and convince potential customers to buy your new product or service.


If you want to get hundreds to thousands of samples of your product to potential customers, sampling is perfect for you.

Together we will select the suitable community that represents your target group and take care of everything else from distribution to follow-up evaluation.
for brands
for e-shops
for brands
for e-shops

Experiential testing

We will organize a special event where we will invite guests from the ranks of testers and include testing of your products or services in the experiential program.

This gives us the opportunity to showcase your product in detail and create reviews, photos, articles and other valuable content for your social networks.

Additional services

We will also be happy to provide the following services for you:

  • PR articles
  • Competitions on social networks
  • Radio testing
  • Translation of reviews
for brands
for e-shops
for media portals
for brands

Community plugin

Do you have high website traffic and would you like to monetize it? Place a microsite on your site that allows you to run product tests with your visitors.

Give your visitors a reason to come back to your website. Plus, collect a reward for each test.

Offer Brand Testing Club to your advertisers

Are you a marketing, advertising, PR or other agency looking for ways for your clients to make their product more visible? Become our partner and provide a new kind of marketing for your customers. We have convenient conditions of cooperation for you.
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Michaela Antikainen

“Find out how we can help you with Brand Testing Club”

Michaela Antikainen - Sales Development Representative Brand Testing Club
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Brand Testing Club is a new marketing tool that aims to help brands test products and generate reviews across Europe along with other authentic content from testers. This creates priceless advertising that customers trust.
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