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Welcome to the pulse of marketing trends, where we delve into the realms of tester communities, microinfluencers, and the transformative impact of user-generated content. From deep insights into boosting e-commerce conversions through authentic reviews to the latest happenings at Brand Tasting Club, our blog is your compass in navigating the vibrant world of product feedback. Stay ahead, stay informed.

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Why authentic reviews are key when shopping online

Online shopping is becoming standard for more and more people. But because they can't see ...

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How To Use UGC To Your Advantage

User-generated content is becoming increasingly important to both customers and brands. ...

Article, UGC
Find out how important UGC is for your brand

People are fed up with traditional advertising. Not only are they tired of it, but many ...

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Find out how to respond to positive, neutral or negative reviews

Probably everyone understands that reviews help to sell. And yes, their number directly ...

How to drive better conversions with quality reviews?

Having a high conversion rate is an important element in sales. Conversions can be ...

Why you should build Brand Trust among customers as well as employees

Only a trustworthy brand will win a loyal clientele that makes regular purchases, is not ...



Why to have even average reviews

There is a huge amount of highly negative or positive reviews on the internet, but hardly any average reviews. Why is this? In our search for an ...

Reviews will boost your SEO