Who we are

Driven by passion and a thirst for authenticity, we are a team dedicated to elevating the e-commerce experience. We unite brands with genuine users, sparking honest interactions that lead to invaluable insights. Dive into a journey with us, where every review paves the path for informed decisions and successful product journey

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Our Mission


Flood the ecommerce world with quality reviews that will help customers make better buying decisions.

Our Values

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No paid positive reviews. We're not going for that. We collect unbiased feedback.

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Every detail counts with us. From tester interaction to results delivery, we're hands-on.

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No Instagram stars. But regular customers, regular people, that's who we're looking for in our testing.

Our Culture

We're more than just a team; we're a family. Rooted in collaboration and fueled by passion, every member at Brand Testing Club is pivotal in crafting an environment that thrives on innovation, trust, and mutual respect. We're not just chasing metrics; we're building a legacy of genuine consumer-brand connection.

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