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Discover the tangible impact of authentic reviews in the real business world. Dive deep into our curated collection of success stories, showcasing how brands, in collaboration with Brand Testing Club, have harnessed the power of genuine user feedback to elevate their market presence and boost conversions. Witness the transformative journey of our partners, one case at a time.

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Testing as proof of the quality of Velvet products

Moracell values a pro-customer approach. The company wanted to provide consumers with ...

Russell Hobbs supported the product launch with Brand Testing Club

The Russell Hobbs brand was not well known among consumers. It has recently started to ...

How Walmark tested products across Europe

Walmark products have been on the market for over 30 years. Still, the company wanted to ...

How Pangamin food supplement reached its new target group with testing

The Pangamine nutritional supplement made from brewer's yeast has been a customer ...

How testing kicked off Electrolux's launch of 7 vacuum cleaner models

Electrolux is a well-known manufacturer of quality and reliable appliances, but its new ...

High quality reviews contributed to the brand gaining a stable place in the market

Children's magnetic building sets are popular, but it was not easy for toySimply to break ...

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