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Added: July 9, 2020
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purchased at MALL.CZ
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review from TESTUJ.TO
Added: 22 October 2021
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Processing of the machine
Reversible attachments
Wet and dry shaving
Battery life 45 min.
Could use a case
Slightly fluctuating performance during the shot.
Decent processing of the machine. The head itself could be a bit sharper, more strokes are needed to achieve the desired shaving result, but otherwise if you have a few days of stubble it will shave you pretty well smooth. As far as using an attachment that is reversible you can shave back and forth which is fine but it doesn't shave as well as a single sided attachment and the head is set at an angle so it shaves the beard better and not as many strokes are needed. The machine does fluctuate a bit in speed when you take a shot but it still doesn't pull on the beard, but that will only show after time when the head is not as sharp.

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Why do your products deserve it?

A bunch of quality reviews will ensure that you get talked about!

Quality and quantity

There have to be plenty of reviews, but mainly high quality ones. We can do both.

Integration to the largest comparison sites and

We put reviews where your customers are. Heureka.group, Mall.group and others.

Translations of reviews

Thanks to translated reviews, you can get your products out into the world.

Building trust

The magic of word of mouth ensures that customers will trust you.

Easier go-to-market

For such cases we choose Pre-testing. Your product reaches customers before launch

Brand awareness

We work on D2C principles and distribute products to thousands of customers.

We have already helped others this way

Tereza Limova
"We were very satisfied with our cooperation with Brand Testing Club. We were pleasantly surprised by the professional approach, quick and smooth negotiations and perfect campaign results. Thanks to this cooperation, we received very good reviews for our products across e-shops and social networks. The PR articles and the contest delivered us even higher brand awarness. We are also very positive about the client interface, which allowed us to have the campaign data available at all times. We look forward to working with them again."

Tereza Límová

Digital Manager Henkel Beauty Care CZ/SK
Vladimír Finsterle
"Thanks to testing on the zenysro.cz community, we were able to target new potential customers who responded to the vouchers with a 95% success rate. We benefited greatly from feedback on the range breadth, speed of delivery and price of shipping directly from female consumers, who gained new experience and gave us new suggestions. We also appreciated the speed with which the campaign was approached and the feedback and reviews provided on the eshop and price comparison site."

Vladimír Finsterle

Executive Director lekarna.cz
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Michaela Antikainen

“Find out how we can help you with Brand Testing Club”

Michaela Antikainen - Sales Development Representative Brand Testing Club
Brand Testing Club is a new marketing tool that aims to help brands test products and generate reviews across Europe along with other authentic content from testers. This creates priceless advertising that customers trust.
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