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Conversion rate boost

Conversion rate boost

High-quality product reviews provide persuasive social proof, driving confident buying decisions and boosting sales.

Brand trust and awareness-1

Brand trust and awareness

Authentic product reviews create a sense of trust, establishing your brand as reliable and fostering credibility.
They also drive brand recognition, organic growth, and attract new customers.

Valuable product insights-1

Valuable product insights

In-depth reviews offer invaluable product insights, enabling a deeper understanding of customer needs.

Integration with leading e-platforms

Integration with leading e-platforms

Seamlessly integrate with major e-platforms such as Herueka, Mall etc. Ensure your reviews reach a vast audience, enhancing visibility and credibility.

User generated content (1)

User generated content

Capitalize on content created by real users. Harness authentic photos, videos, and testimonials to bolster your marketing efforts.

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Easier expansion abroad

Cross borders effortlessly. Reliable reviews break cultural barriers, paving the way for successful international ventures.

Grow your sales with us

93 %

of customers will not buy without reading product reviews

251 %

conversion rate increase

People make decisions based on other people's experiences. That is also why according to studies 72 % of customers will not buy a product without reading the product’s reviews.

The conversion rate of products with 101+ reviews is 251 % higher than those with 0 reviews.

Boost your product launch

Without reviews, new products take time to gain traction in the market. However, with many of them, conversions quickly get to attractive numbers in the product's early stages.

  • Get user feedback you can learn from before the launch
  • Grow conversion rate with social proof reviews 
  • Receive user generated content for all your marketing activities
  • Increase brand awareness within your target audience
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What our reviews look like?

We have perfected the reviews from our testers. See why they sell better than regular ones.

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What common review look like?

  • Often old irrelevant review
  • Anonymous customer
  • Short review description saying little to nothing
  • Few to none positive and negative points
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What our reviews look like?

  • Name of reviewer
  • Detailed pluses and minuses
  • Extensive honest opinion
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How do we increase your conversion rates

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Get more high quality product reviews

We are going to help you get more extensive product reviews on major shopping platforms such as, etc.

Increase your brand trust

With many reviews comes trust in your brand. Detailed reviews are trustworthy and give customers confidence that the product they are buying is verified by many people.

Get higher conversion rate and sales

Compared to other products, those with a higher number of reviews are much more likely to sell, thus increasing your conversion rate.

What marketing and brand managers say

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"We were pleasantly surprised by the professional approach, quick and smooth negotiations and perfect results of the campaign. Thanks to this cooperation, we received high quality reviews for our products across e-shops and social networks... "

Tereza Límová

Digital Manager - Henkel Beauty Care CZ/SK

Vladimir Finsterle

"Thanks to testing on the community, we were able to target new potential customers who responded to the vouchers with a 95% success rate. We benefited greatly from feedback on the range breadth, speed of delivery and price of shipping directly from female consumers, who gained new experience and gave us new suggestions. We also appreciated the speed with which the campaign was approached and the feedback and reviews provided on the eshop and price comparison site."

Vladimír Finsterle

General manager

Feedback 5

"Advertising is impressive, but what people say about your product is much more important. Credibility is what makes the difference in sales. And that's exactly what you get from Plus, testing was just the beginning. If we hadn't gotten those first 46 reviews from testers, we would have hardly gotten to where we are now. helped us start the review collection. And we look forward to working together to start more of our products."

Alexandra Melicherová

PR Specialist, NaturaMed Pharmaceuticals

Feedback 4

"Testfluencers was created with the idea of bringing an original benefit to our clients and in the end it turned out that this project brings even more to all parties involved. The implemented campaigns confirm that brands not only can gain so many valuable reviews, for example on the first day of sales, but also insight into the customer mindset and increased brand affinity. But this form of collaboration is also extremely beneficial for the influencers themselves, not to mention the engagement of users who really enjoy Testfluencers."

Veronika Zajícová

Influencer Marketing Consultant, Konektor Influencers

"We usually gather the first reviews for a product for quite a long time. accelerated the writing of these reviews for us. It started with reviews from testers, but the next reviews were already from regular customers. That's what makes us even more excited about the collaboration, because we're still benefiting from it even after the project is over. I was intrigued by the range of their testers and the fact that the entire testing process is handled by, from sending the products to the testers to delivering the reviews. I always expect 100% from any service and working with was definitely 100%."

Miroslav Šiška

B&C Specialist - Reckitt

"We were worried about the quality of the testers, so that the person knew at least a little bit about technology. Brand Testing Club provided us with assistance in the selection process and, most importantly, 5 times more testers. So we had a lot to choose from. Testing the dashcam was a test project. It went very well and we will continue to test other products with Brand Testing Club. I look forward to further cooperation."

Martin Lukš

Manager of Sales - Navitel

How does the testing work?

Cooperation launch

Cooperation launch

It all starts with an initial call together, after which you will receive an offer for a specific service and once you approve it, our cooperation begins.


Product and audience selection

Proper targeting is the foundation of an effective campaign. We build a profile of the ideal target group to test the product.

Choice of the right testers

Choice of the right testers

We make it easy and efficient to select testers based on, for example, an entry questionnaire, so that only the best testers get access to your products.

Delivery of the product

Delivery of the product

After the testers have signed up for testing, we will select them according to the specified criteria. We then distribute the product to the selected testers.

Testing and reviews collecting

Testing and reviews collecting

The testers were given the products and set about rigorous testing. Depending on the nature of the products/services being tested, the first reviews will start appearing in the client portal.

Evaluation and reporting

Evaluation and reporting

At the end of each test, you'll receive a full report, along with the traffic data of testing from the Google Analytics, and we'll start planning the next campaign.

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