8 situations where you can make the most of your reviews

Aleš Randa

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Reviews sell because they speak the language of the customer and communicate exactly what people are interested in. This creates a bulletproof social proof that will reliably launch even a brand new product. Learn how to use them to their full potential, at all stages of the launch.

Advice from a friend sells best

And that's exactly how reviews are perceived by your customers. Product reviews on the internet speak to them like a good friend they can simply rely on. So it's no wonder that reviews are trusted by nearly 75% of people, and for the vast majority, they are the most important factor in the buying decision.

Reviews work even for brand new products

Yes, and surprisingly well. According to research, 72% of customers perceive a product with positive reviews as trustworthy, even if they have no personal experience with it. In the 18-34 age group, the figure is as high as 91%.

In fact, reviews create a bulletproof social proof. Think of it as a sticker: yeah, this stuff just works. If you can find enough quality reviews about a product that praise it in every way, there's no reason to doubt it.

Reviews are a friendly, organic style of promotion

By not appearing like a marketing campaign, they don't give customers the impression of manipulation. They are simply stories of ordinary people who really know the product and it is up to the reader to decide what to do with the message. This is why people trust reviews up to twelve times more than ordinary content marketing.

Reviews as part of advertising dramatically increase the efficiency

The case study of Blenders Eyewear is a perfect example of this. The moment it added star reviews to its Facebook ads, click-through rates doubled. CPA decreased by 38%, while ROAS increased by 68%.

With reviews, the search for tone of voice is gone

All marketing agencies claim to speak the language of the customer, but in reality they are at best trying to do so. The real language of buyers is spoken by the customers themselves. And that's why review content is so valuable. They describe the product in a way that interests ordinary people, in words that don't play games and get straight to the point.

Reviews make even an unknown product easily visible

And not just because of its positive SEO benefits. The volume of positive reviews also creates a sense of trend, especially if you cleverly use them as part of your ads, for example on social media.

Reviews help bring to light any shortcomings

Reviews aren't just there for customers, they're there for you too. Particularly in the pre-testing stages, they are a valuable source of data on how the product is being used, how it's working and where there is room for improvement if necessary.

With all of these benefits, reviews will support you at every stage of product promotion

  • Thanks to feedback, you can fine-tune your new product 100% so that you enter the market with maximum confidence.
  • In the early stages of promotion, when no one knows you yet, reviews will quickly create a sense of trend as well as much needed social proof, making it easy to match even the established players.
  • When promoting, you don't waste time and money figuring out tone of voice. You leave the communication to the customers themselves. They tell themselves exactly what they need to know, using words they actually understand.
  • When a customer is hesitant to buy, it's again the reviews that make the difference. It only takes 5 positive reviews to almost triple the chance of selling a product.
  • By gradually racking up reviews, you will quickly grow your product into a trusted brand, even with people who have never heard of you before.

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