Reviews are a good source of information. How to take advantage of it?

Aleš Randa

3 min

Reviews don't just have to help your customers. With careful analysis, you can extract information for SEO, product development, advertising and marketing in general. Find out how in today's article.

Reviews are endless inspiration for advertising

We live in an age where you no longer need a genius marketer and a team of psychologists to understand what people want. They'll tell you themselves through reviews. All you have to do is listen and analyse all the information logically:

  • Pay attention to specific words and phrases. What adjectives are most frequently heard? What verbal expressions? What is the product being compared to? From this information, you can easily piece together sales arguments that people will actually understand because you'll be speaking their language.
  • Identify the elements of the product that people mention the most. Do they like the ergonomic grip of the vacuum cleaner? Or the fact that they can get everywhere with it? The quality of the cotton on the pants, or the handy pocket? This will help you figure out what to push in your campaign as well as your unique selling point.
  • Use the review photos and videos to see how your products are used by the average person and what it looks like in their home. This will inspire you when designing banner graphics, reels and other video advertising. The result will always be familiar and natural to people. It will literally reflect their lives, not just artificial sales situations.

Review content will boost SEO

It's very likely that customers use the same words and phrases when writing reviews as they do when searching online. Take advantage of this, analyze your reviews and pull out keywords from them, both in short tail and long tail form.

Ratings tell you everything you need to know for fine-tuning and product development

In the same way that reviews help you create advertising, analysing them can help you make the production process easier.

  • Customers will literally tell you what they like and dislike about the products.
  • If the same negative comment is repeated over and over again, it's a clear signal to change the part of the product that consumers don't like.
  • Repeated praise of certain elements must also be activating for you. Think about how you can improve them even more, or how you can include them in the rest of the products you offer.

Third-party reviews are a great source for market analysis

If you're a new brand or expanding into a new market, you're probably trying to figure out how others are performing. And while there are complicated technical ways to do this, we think it's again best to look at what their own customers think of the competition.

  • From the amount of ratings and the average number of stars, you can guess who your biggest rival is.
  • Notice what impressions people have of your competitors' products. This will give you an estimate of the emotional level you will be on when persuading them to buy your product.
  • Get clear on what elements of the products people praise and what they criticize. This will give you a quick idea of your own advantages and potential gaps in the market.

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