7. 7. 2023

How does Gen X shop? They're tougher on quality reviews than boomers

Gen X are often the most financially strong group in the population, and they're not afraid to spend. They prefer social contact, absolute credibility and impeccable quality in brands. The same is true for online reviews, but they have different demands than slightly older boomers. Find out more in today's article.

Who are Gen X?

Gen X are the generation born between 1965 and 1980. Today they are roughly 55, often at the peak of their working careers, with the most social contacts and a family with grown children. Financially, they're very well off on average compared to the rest of the population, making them an invaluable buying force for brands, who, according to market reports, behave in a unique way:

  • With brands, they care about feeling safe and professional. They don't look for alignment in values, they don't see brand activism.
  • They care about community and personal touch. They prefer personalisation options for products, they hear sales claims emphasising uniqueness.
  • If they choose a brand, they will stay with it until it disappoints them.
  • They are not afraid to spend. They often buy the most and are not afraid of high prices.

Gen X and review marketing: what to focus on

Like other cohorts, they care about reviews. The vast majority seek them out purposefully and prefer those sites that have plenty of them. The data in the following overview will explain the details:

  • They care more about review texts than boomers. Mere stars are not enough for 45% of Gen X buyers.
  • Compared to the other generations, they care a lot about the number of reviews. The desire for social contact naturally leads to a sensitivity to quality social proof. The quantity of reviews is examined by 60% of Gen X, and for 68%, it is a crucial point in their buying decision.
  • They also actively research the date a review was posted. 38% of Gen X become nervous if a product has reviews older than 3 months, 62% go to a competitor if the texts are unchanged for more than a year.
  • They look for visual content more often than boomers. 83% want to see a video or photo, quality UGC helps them create a sense of community.
  • 59% of Gen Xers write reviews several times a month. Most are motivated by a positive or negative experience, receiving a free product will also help.  
  • The vast majority fear fake texts and demand brands to take an active role in fighting them.
  • Negative reviews are a drag. 59% of buyers are looking for 1-star posts. Absolutely perfect reviews make them nervous, with a range of 4 to 4.9 considered ideal.

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