Testing as proof of the quality of Velvet products

Moracell values a pro-customer approach. The company wanted to provide consumers with proof of the quality of its two products, while strengthening its position in relation to competing products and gaining reviews on the partner´s platform to reach audiences in a different way than the traditional TV and press.


About the client

MORACELL was founded in 2000.
It has been manufacturing and distributing Velvet products since 2020. The toilet papers that roll off the line in South Moravia, are the epitome of softness, smoothness and strength.
The company caters to its customers as much as possible and looks at sustainability with its eco-friendly products.


Personal hygiene products

Company size

51 - 200 employees

Country of testing


Use case

Get a new communication channel through reviews


  • Reviews
  • Questionaires
  • Photos
  • Instagram posts by microinfluencers


Registered candidates

Interest in testing was high despite the non-traditional segment of the product being tested.



Filled questionnaires

Due to the great interest, the client received a large amount of data. The questionnaire included 2 demographic questions and 6 questions related to the purchasing behaviour of the target group.



200 testers were selected according to a predefined clients' target group.



In total, 328 unique reviews were created on the platforms Ženy s.r.o. and DM.cz.

98 %

Product recommendations

The average product recommendation was 98%, giving the client our stamp of quality. 


Average rating

The average rating was also sufficiently high. 


Reviews published on:

Example of a created User Generated Content:

Toilet paper Velvet® Soft White ecoROLL & Moist toilet paper Velvet® INTIMA
  • 3 layers
  • Compact packaging
  • No information on whether the TP is chlorine bleached
  • Kids teddy bear motif (stamped on TP)
Quality TP that is nicely solid. Unperfumed, pleasantly soft, separates perfectly at the point of perforation. The idea of making only 4 rolls out of 8 is great - the pack size is very handy, fits in any bag and takes up minimal space when stored. The price is the same as for 8 rolls.


Toilet paper Velvet® Soft White ecoROLL & Moist toilet paper Velvet® INTIMA
  • paper fineness
  • its strength
  • ease of tearing off the required quantity
  • space-saving storage
  • increased hygiene
  • it won't fit in my toilet paper holder
  • more expensive
Toilet paper Velvet eco Roll Soft white surprised me very much not only by its size and thus saving space when storing toilet paper rolls, but also by how soft and pleasant to the touch it is. For me, the combination with wet toilet paper is ideal, it makes me feel cleaner than when I use "just" toilet paper.


How to reach the audience in a different way than the traditional way on TV and in print?

More and more potential customers do not watch TV or read the press. That's why Moracell decided to use Brand Testing Club. There are other ways to reach customers and introduce them to products without risk. Our test campaign not only delivered Velvet products to target households, but also expanded the sales team's capabilities.
Through our campaign, the client obtained reviews for the drugstore, which will make it easier to convince consumers to buy the Velvet products we tested. The reviews are not only important for potential customers, who use them as proof of quality to help with their purchasing decision, but also for the Moracell sales team. They help the team to further distribute the products.

Brand testing Club as the right choice

The client also worked with competitors before launching a testing campaign with us. Therefore, we were happy to hear that compared to the competition we offer a wider range of testers, the possibility of determining a specific target group and the possibility of writing reviews on e-portals. Specifically, the DM.cz e-shop was really important for our client because the lack of reviews on this portal was significantly affecting sales. Therefore, getting enough reviews on DM was the main goal of the Velvet campaign. 

The client also appreciated our team, who made sure that all the necessary information was delivered and ensured that the campaign ran smoothly and double-checked. All this at a fair price, which the client considered a win-win given the results. 

What did the campaign achieve?

While the 598 registered testers who filled out market research questionnaires and reported their preferences is an impressive number, the 328 authentic reviews on the Ženy.sro and DM.cz platforms were of greater value to our client. These reviews were written by 200 testers who were carefully selected according to the client's parameters. Reviews from the target group are particularly valuable because they have value to other potential customers, for whom reviews carry more weight than advertising in traditional media. Now Velvet products stand out with their number of reviews compared to competitors on the DM.cz e-shop.  

The questionnaires completed by all those interested in testing contain important data focusing on demographics as well as consumer preferences and habits. This data from 598 surveys can be used by our client's sales team to plan future strategies and marketing campaigns.   

Deserved stamp of quality for high recommendation

HU 2023 Razítko finalThese products are recommended by 98% of our testers. Velvet® Soft White ecoROLL toilet paper & Velvet® INTIMA wet toilet paper have a combined average rating of 4.8. Therefore, they have deservedly received our stamp of quality. This stamp can be used by our client in their marketing strategies to help customers with their purchasing decisions. 


Client's statement:

We are satisfied with the result we have achieved. Consumers can now verify through independent testing that our toilet paper is a quality product. As a result, we have also boosted partner sales, which is key for us. I also appreciate the spontaneity and authenticity in the tester evaluations. It shows that they really took the time to test the product.

Jana Rázgová

Brand Activation Manager


Brand Testing Club statement:

When we started working together, we knew that the client had already tested with a competitor. But we didn't take that as a negative at all. On the contrary, we were happy to be able to show what we are different, what we are better at. I think the result speaks for itself. More than 500 completed questionnaires, more than 300 authentic reviews, half of them on the client's key e-commerce partner's website. But the client said it best, working with us is a win-win :-) 

Zuzana Burzová

Project & Customer Success Manager

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Testing as proof of the quality of Velvet products

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