How testing helped to get the reviews for a new Philips product

Philips was launching a new product and wanted to get reviews. It needed to reach a new target group, namely young men aged 14-17. At the same time, the client was concerned that this target group would not spend enough time giving feedback. Therefore, they decided to entrust the collection of feedback in our hands.


About the client

Philips is a leading global technology and innovation company in healthcare and personal care.
Its focus is on population health, helping people achieve better outcomes in all areas of health care - from healthy lifestyles and prevention, to diagnosis and treatment, to follow-up home care.
The company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, ultrasound, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as personal health and body care, which includes the premium brands Philips Sonicare, Philips Avent, Philips OneBlade and Philips Lumea.


Consumer electronics

Company size

50 000+ employees

Country of testing

Czech Republic

Use case

Product Launch

Reaching a new target group


  • Reviews
  • Questionnaires
  • Photos


Registered candidates

Although the target group was relatively limited in age, there were a sufficient number of suitable candidates.




Questionnaires filled in

Due to the high level of interest, the client gained an understanding of how familiar young people are with the One Blade shaver or how they tend to shave.




15 testers were selected according to a predefined target group of the client.



In total, 84 unique reviews were created on Czech Brand Testing Club platfrom (, and

93 %

Product recommendation

The average product recommendation was 93%, giving the client our stamp of quality.


Average rating

The average rating was also sufficiently high.


Example of a created UGC:

Philips First Shave
  • light
  • does not irritate the skin
  • battery life
  • only one blade in the package
  • charging - no USB-C
I bought the shaver for my 14 year old son and I am very satisfied. My son likes the shaver very much. The shaver is lightweight and fits well in the hand. I think what I appreciate most is the ability to shave even very fine beards without any skin irritation. The shaver can be used completely dry and then just blow dry. The battery has a good battery life and even the length of charge is pretty standard. I just don't like the charging connector, you have to use the included cable, definitely USB-C would be better. I definitely recommend to try it out.


Philips First Shave
  • modern look
  • comfortable on the skin
  • no accessories
The design of this device is modern. It is easy to hold and allows a comfortable and precise shave. With the shaver you can shave even on dry skin and you do not need any shaving foam. Unfortunately, there are no attachments included with the shaver to trim longer beards.


Getting the attention of a new target group is never easy

Philips was planning to launch the One Blade First shave. They realized how important consumer reviews and recommendations were when making a purchase. But getting reviews to be available during the product launch was not easy for them.

The target group for this product is young men aged 14-17 who are just starting to shave. The client needed to reach them and get authentic reviews directly from them. However, he knew that the young men in this target group were inexperienced with shaving and at risk of not using the product correctly, which would skew the results of the testing. Equally, there was a risk of forgetting to submit feedback or not completing it accurately.

Why did they choose Brand Testing Club?

Since Brand Testing Club has a proven track record of selecting testers, testing and writing reviews, Philips decided to contact us and exceptionally test this product with us. While Philips has its own panel that ensures that products reach reviewers, teenagers aged 14-17 are a very specific target group. The time commitment of this campaign and the specificity of the target group were the main reasons they decided to contact us.

The client knew what they needed from us

Our team at Brand Testing Club therefore planned a campaign with the client focused on two goals. It was important for the client to really get feedback on the product so that the launch could go smoothly and with the greatest success. Therefore, the main goal was to get authentic reviews for the Philips OneBlade First Shave. The second goal was to reach a target group that had not yet had contact with the client's brand and ensure that they actually deliver feedback.

What has the campaign achieved?

The campaign, although a very narrowly focused product, attracted 301 applicants. These applicants completed 301 questionnaires, which gave the client a broader understanding of the target group of young male shavers aged 14-17. We selected the 15 most suitable testers for testing.

These testers tested both the Philips OneBlade First Shave and replacement razors. Both products were reviewed separately, which resulted in 15 testers posting 84 unique reviews on Czech Brand Testing Club (, and Reviewers were satisfied with the products, rating them with an average of 4.6 points, and 93% of testers would recommend them to their friends or acquaintances.

Thanks to the feedback of our young testers and their parents, the client now knows what strengths their target group values and what changes they would like to see in the future. This is valuable and useful information for the client.

Tested and stamped!

CZ Razítko Final 2023 (2)During testing, the Philips OneBlade First Shave and the replacement blades proved to be ideal for young men who are just learning to shave. Its comfortable and effective use earned it an average rating of 4.6 and a recommendation from 93% of our testers. As a result, the product and the blades receive our quality stamp and the "Brand testing Club Recommends" stamp.


Client's statement:

The cooperation was pleasant and most importantly beneficial. We are able to do smaller projects on our own. For the bigger ones, it's great to have a partner we can rely on. Personally, I also really like the approach of the Brand Testing Club team, which is highly professional and informal at the same time. In the case of OneBlade First Shave, the way they handled the risks associated with the target group was also great.

Šárka Lorencová

CRM Senior Specialist


Brand Testing Club statement:

It would take a long time for the client to get feedback from teenagers because they had no experience with this target group. We knew that the client was concerned that teenagers wouldn't write reviews or that the reviews wouldn't be of good quality. At Brand Testing Club, we are used to the fact that from time to time a client comes to us with a need to reach a new target group (even for us). In this case, we always think through and plan the campaign so that the result is as excellent as with a more common target group. We succeeded and the client supported the product launch in addition to validating the quality of the new product. As going to market with a new product yet having enough authentic reviews on it immediately is a great benefit.

Pavlína Žabková

Head of Project & Customer Success

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