Complete online campaign for Swedish cosmetics Barnängen attracts over 2000 testers


We have tested 6 cosmetic products, 100 pieces each, on the community. More than 2000 testers signed up for the testing and wrote 1396 unique reviews. These were published on the comparison site, the community and the and online stores. The client decided to support the reach of the campaign with a PR article on a selected community, which was seen by over 400 thousand visitors to the site.


Registered testers

on the community, from which we selected 600 for testing



We have published unique reviews on 4 websites.,, and

414 446

Reach of the PR article

this many readers from the selected community visited the PR article about the product during testing.



testers rated the products very positively

Reviews posted on:













Example of reviews:


Nutritive Body Lotion

Exactly what is needed in the summer. It firms and strengthens the skin, so your legs look perfect with a tan. It smells wonderfully soft and sweet (it doesn't smell artificial) and hydrates the skin. I always slather on in the evening after bathing and even in the morning my skin is beautifully soft and hydrated and supple. The cream is non-greasy and the texture is beautifully creamy. It's perfect for all skin types, but for me with dry and sensitive skin that is not only dehydrated and less elastic after winter, it's absolutely amazing. The pump dispensing is great, it doesn't clog up the bottle or leak too much cream.


Community tester


Shower Cream Oil Intense

Absolutely awesome!My first experience with this brand! A wonderful consistency of the lotion.A delicate scent that evokes a feeling of purity and tenderness. The milk is absorbed very quickly and you can get dressed immediately. Cool pump dispensing, just put the amount you need in the palm of your hand. And the packaging? Elegant packaging!


Community tester

How to increase brand awareness of new products on the market?

Online shopping is becoming more and more common among customers. Linked to this behaviour is the phenomenon of reviews, which greatly influence whether a customer buys a product or not. This is particularly difficult for products new to the market. There are few or no reviews. The customer therefore often postpones or does not make the purchase. Brands often have no feedback on which they can then optimise their targeting and campaigns.

Testing with microinfluencers from a selected community

We you planned a 6-week testing campaign supported by a PR article on a community portal to complement the customer's go-to-market strategy. During the first few days, we were able to watch the testing challenge fill up with new registrations. After 4 days, we were able to send out the products to testers. The result is over 1300 unique reviews that are objective and authentic. High positive tester reviews are such valuable feedback for both the client and their undecided potential customers..

Henkel (1)
Henkel operates worldwide with its leading innovative brands and technologies in three divisions: Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care (Cosmetics) and Laundry & Home Care (Detergents & Cleaners).

Client statement:

"We were very satisfied with our cooperation with Brand Testing Club. We were pleasantly surprised by the professional approach, quick and smooth negotiations and perfect campaign results. Thanks to this cooperation, we received very high-quality reviews for our products across e-shops and social networks. The PR articles and competition delivered us even higher brand awarness. We are also very positive about the client interface, thanks to which we had the campaign data constantly at our reach. We look forward to working with them again."

Tereza Límová

Digital Manager Henkel Beauty Care CZ/SK

Henkel (1)

Brand Testing Club statement:

"The collaboration with Henkel's digital team was just great. There was so much interest in the products that we filled the testing within 4 days. Moreover, the testers rated the products very positively and supported the brand awareness with Instagram and Facebook posts themselves."

Tomáš Bušek

Community sales manager


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