Couriers with virtual reality provided experiential testing

cs_pi_filler has been offering experiential gifts to its customers for 16 years.

However, after the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, experienced a significant drop in sales and number of customers. However, thanks to Proficio's collaboration with the platform, they have managed to bring the experience to potential customers' homes. Together, we achieved this through special packages with VR equipment that testers could order and try out.

The result was 148 unique reviews, photos and other material for marketing communications.


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This many testers wanted to try virtual reality.


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Photos and videos from testers serve as material for marketing.

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Adrop - VR

Great experience. Easy and fast to set up. Intuitive controls. Courier brought it all the way home; within minutes my family and I were playing. Kids have taken advantage of the multiple children's games. There were few so called real games for my adult tastes. Only one shooting game and a mountain climbing game - but ABSOLUTE BLAST. Just more games like that. The only disadvantage was that my family and I would sometimes argue about who got a turn, and one played longer than the other. But I can recommend the service and virtual reality from ADROP. Thanks for the experience.


Community tester


Adrop - VR

Amazing experience and I recommend it further. We had fun with the whole family and lots of friends, even my young daughter played, only the setting for young children is worse. The games are well chosen, everyone will find what they enjoy. On a single charge it lasts two hours of play, but it takes just as long to charge, which was, in the heat of the game, the only limiting factor.. The courier wrote and called before delivery, as well as before pick up. Super functional system.


Community tester

How to sell experiences when people are stuck at home?

The experience agency has become another victim of the coronavirus pandemic. It caused a drop in sales. No wonder. The pandemic trapped former customers at home and they lost interest in experiences. That's why came up with the idea of combining experiences with VR (virtual reality), which has been on the rise in recent years. So how can we make the pandemic more enjoyable for people and bring the experience to their homes?

Virtual reality couriers set the goal to deliver an unforgettable experience to people's homes. Specifically, in the form of special packages with VR equipment that people could test. That was something for us. We set up a testing challenge and for a month and a half we provided virtual reality kits to testers. The way it worked was that the tester always booked a date for a courier to bring the set to them and then two days later they would come back for it again. In the end we got 148 authentic reviews, many photos and material for marketing communication.

E-shop offers experiential gifts that will make athletes, lovers of supercharged cars, adrenaline enthusiasts, gourmets and relaxed people happy.

Client statement:

"Not only we have raised awareness of the product, but we have also received good reviews in which testers naturally refuted such classic fears of people - that VR is only for the young, technically inclined or that VR glasses will fall off the heads of small children. We didn't expect this nice side effect, and now we can put it to good business use. I would like to thank the Proficio team and the team for their professional care. The whole project went smoothly."

Adéla Lampová

Marketing Manager


Brand Testing Club statement:

"Testing with Adrop was a real experience. The great thing was that we helped another company to survive the effects of the pandemic. Plus, we modified the traditional testing a bit so they could try something different. We haven't had a courier to provide testers with product packages yet. Many thanks to Lucia Burian from Proficio for her amazing communication. can offer much more than just VR, so we are looking forward to working with them again."

Pavlína Žabková

Community Senior Account Manager


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