How microinfluencer testing saved robotic vacuum cleaners from the competition

The change in the market and the coronavirus has also affected robotic vacuum cleaners and their sales strategy. With the arrival of competitors, iRobot realised the value of reviews and wanted to get them with the help of To do this, we used the Ženy s.r.o. community, where we had shared 6 products in order to get objective feedback. Testing with microinfluencers resulted in 135 authentic reviews and tester engagement on social media.


Total number of reviews

Reviews from the community ŽENY s.r.o.


Registered testers

There were many to choose from.


Test challenges

iRobot has selected several products for testing.

Reviews posted on:







We can't count on fairs anymore. We can count on reviews.

Gone are the days when it was enough to go to trade fairs and present products directly to customers. Reviews were not necessary at that time. That changed with the passing of trade shows and the arrival of competition in 2018, when iRobot had to turn its attention to collecting quality feedback. The change in the market has underlined the importance of reviews and increased the importance of social media engagement. It was common for iRobot to receive approximately 100 reviews for every 10-20k products sold. This had to change.

Testing with microinfluencers

The goal was clear. To stir up communication with customers and collect as many authentic reviews as possible. We selected 6 products, let them be borrowed between testers and waited for the requested reviews. iRobot got a lot more. In addition to the new reviews on Heureka, we also managed to engage microinfluencers on social media and encourage business partners who were motivated by working with Heureka.


Do you have a robotic vacuum cleaner at home? It might just be from iRobot, a company that has saved time and ensured perfect cleaning for 30 million users since 1990 with its robotic vacuum cleaners and mops.
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Client statement:

"I must highlight especially the customer support and the overall willingness to help with which s.r.o. went into the project. I was surprised by the level of involvement of the account manager, who for example prepared a rotation board for us, where we set deadlines and the whole logistics of sending products was so much easier. In short, the communication was excellent. We now have a lot more reviews on Heureka, more engaged partners, more engagement on social media and specific advice on how to better communicate our products. Thank you."

Ludmila Procházková

Marketing Manager

Brand Testing Club statement:

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"We at were looking forward to working with iRobot. Firstly, because of the attractiveness of the products to be tested, but also because it was a PoC for the whole team. Together with Ludmila Procházková, we were looking for ways to fulfill the challenging task. The main challenge was to meet the number of reviews ordered by the client for all products involved in the testing. Everything was managed wonderfully thanks to the synergy of the teams on both sides."

Radek Černý

Head of Sales
Michaela Antikainen

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Michaela Antikainen - Sales Development Representative Brand Testing Club
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