How to teach Czechs to eat luxury chocolate?

Czechs knew it only as expensive chocolate from Prague for tourists.

Design packages, quality ingredients, chocolate with real chocolate and stone shops in Prague. It all worked great until the coronavirus pandemic hit. Steiner and Kovarik Chocolate lost its loyal tourist customers and had to turn its attention to an e-commerce solution.

To let the mainly Czech audience know about the quality chocolate, Steiner and Kovarik Chocolate used the help of Together, we prepared a sweet testing challenge with the aim of teaching Czechs how to eat quality chocolate.


Total number of reviews

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16 %

Increase in e-shop traffic.

Steiner and Kovarik chocolates are getting the word out.

15 %

Increase in the number of sales.

We taught the Czechs to eat well.


Average rating.

Apparently the chocolate tasted good.

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Overnight, they lost their most important income

Steiner and Kovarik chocolate was very popular with tourists. Their brick-and-mortar shops were always full of chocolate lovers from all over the world who wanted to reward their taste buds or were just looking for an original souvenir from their holiday. Then came the pandemic and the doors of the Steiner and Kovarik shops had to close. The tourist traffic disappeared from the streets of Prague and with it the greatest buying power. True, they already had an e-shop ready at that time, but it was never a priority. So Steiner and Kovarik faced a difficult task. To show the Czechs that their chocolate is much more than just a tourist attraction, to justify their price and to get new customers to the e-shop.

We sent out the packets and waited eagerly for the results

So we put out a testing challenge, prepared the packages and sent them out to testers. They tasted the chocolates, took photos and wrote a huge number of reviews. Thanks to the campaign with, Steiner and Kovarik achieved a 16% increase in website traffic and a 15% increase in orders. They found out how to communicate quality better and the reasons why Steiner and Kovarik chocolate is more expensive than other chocolate bars and why Czechs should include it among their favourite sweets. A pleasant surprise was the valuable feedback on the design of the packages, which testers praised.

Steiner a Kovarik

High quality chocolates made with love and passion.
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Client statement:

"We lost our most important income from one day to the next. The Czechs only knew us as chocolate for tourists from the centre of Prague and we had to change that. helped us to increase engagement on our e-shop. I recommend working with not only for the great results, but also for their professional approach. Nothing was a problem, they proactively solved everything and took care of communication with testers as well. It did not cost us extra time. Thank you for the great care."

Martina Veltruská

Retail Manager

Brand Testing Club statement:

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"Steiner and Kovarik Chocolate was another typical business swept away by the coronavirus pandemic and lost its main source of income. used testing and review generation to help adapt to market changes, launch an e-shop and teach Czech customers to love their chocolate. Our sweet reward was a great increase in traffic and sales on the e-shop and a change in marketing communication to the Czech audience."

Michaela Kvapilová

Community Account Manager
Michaela Antikainen

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