Lots of organic reviews and increased brand reach with our testing


Testing with NaturaMed was a common routine but brought unexpected results. The brand wanted an objective opinion on their product OmegaMarine Forte+. NaturaMed believed the product would stand up to the market. But what did customers think? We asked the Ženy s.r.o. community, and 92 reviews were very clear.

Testers are excited, 93% would recommend the product. Once the client posted the reviews on the website and Heureka, other customers started to write reviews of their own. In addition, the brand's reach on social media increased, one of the posts even had 50 000 views. Traffic to the product page also increased significantly, specifically by 3 617 followers.


Total number of applications

OmegaMarine Forte+ definitely impressed our testers.


Total number of reviews

Nearly a hundred authentic and information-dense reviews.


Average rating

Testers were very satisfied with the product.


Tester The total increase in social media posts including the branded hashtag

The #CETEBE boomed across social media


Completed questionnaires

The NaturaMed brand did a market research thanks to testing.

Reviews posted on:



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Example of reviews:


OmegaMarine Forte+

OmegaMarine Forte+ just take 2 medium-sized pills a day. Swallowing is easy, just drink well and they slide down your throat like butter. There is no fishy smell. So far a good dietary supplement, especially for people who don't eat fish and don't go out in the sun much. Because it also contains vitamin D.


Reviewer on Ženy s.r.o.


OmegaMarine Forte+

I like the size of the capsules - they are easy to swallow, compared to other, competing ones, which are large. They leave no fishy or oily aftertaste. I also like the natural ingredients with no unnecessary additives. If necessary, the dose can be divided into morning and evening, for example, so I can get better use out of it.


Reviewer on Ženy s.r.o.

Testing is a good idea even if you think the product is perfect

The NaturaMed brand imports natural food supplements from Norway. The company was excited about its new product, OmegaMarine Forte+, and believed in its effects 100%. Still, the company wanted to offer customers more objectivity and make their decision easier. They needed to get an unbiased opinion. A secondary goal was PR promotion of the company, so they decided to contact Testuj.to.

Even a few reviews will get new customers to write reviews, the rest will join in en masse

For testing with NaturaMed, we approached the Ženy s.r.o. community. We selected the top 50 testers from 468 applicants. The result was 48 information-dense reviews and generally positive feedback on the product. 93% of testers would recommend it to others. They especially appreciated the ease of swallowing and the absence of fishy smell and taste. Testers were very active on social media, which resulted in NaturaMed posts reaching tens of thousands. The PR goal of spreading brand awareness was also met, with website traffic increasing by 3 617 visitors. The testing had an avalanche effect. When new customers saw that there were already reviews for the product, they decided to post their own. The brand thus gained, and continues to gain, a lot of extra organic reviews, completely free of charge. And that's the way it should be!

Nordic supplier of nutritional supplements for sale.

Client statement:

"Advertising is impressive, but what people say about your product is much more important. Credibility is what makes the difference in sales. And that's exactly what you get from Testuj.to. Plus, testing was just the beginning. If we hadn't gotten those first 46 reviews from testers, we would have hardly gotten to where we are now. Testuj.to helped us start the review collection. And we look forward to working together to start more of our products."

Alexandra Melicherová

PR Specialist, NaturaMed Pharmaceuticals


Brand Testing Club statement:

"Testing with NaturaMed really surprised us. It was supposed to be another normal campaign with tons of good reviews from testers at the end. But it brought so much more. Publishing the reviews on Heureka accelerated the organic growth of more and more reviews from customers who didn't even test with us. This only confirmed the benefits of having a high number reviews on comparison sites as well as on their own website."

Michaela Kvapilová

Project Manager


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