NAVITEL dashcam testing increased sales by tens of percent

Even though NAVITEL sells all over the world, it has had a problem to become visible in the Czech Republic for a long time. Now, thanks to plenty of reviews, it has the opportunity to turn things around with effective review marketing. The company especially appreciated the opportunity to choose tailored testers from a total of 796 registered users. This gave the client valuable user feedback.



NAVITEL is a leading digital navigation solution provider for automotive industries around the world.

The product portfolio includes GPS navigation, in-car cameras, tablets, combination devices as well as custom navigation software.


Automotive accessories

Company size

50 - 100 employees

Country of testing


Use case

Brand and Product Awareness


  • Reviews
  • Questionaires
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Social Media Posts


Registered testers

Total of 796 potential testers were interested in dashcam.



Completed questionnaires

The client obtained a large amount of data from questionnaires from those who signed up for testing.


Total number of reviews

Enough reviews for effective review marketing.


Average rating

Testers' satisfaction with the product was high.


Recommendations from testers

All testers recommend the camera.

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Preview of user-generated content

Dash Cam NAVITEL R66 2K
  • Video quality
  • Design
  • Loud camera alert that cannot be turned off
  • Cable to ignition

The dashcam has super image quality both day and night, just as the manufacturer promised. It turns on automatically when you start it up and you can choose what loop it will record in. What is quite annoying though is the sound of the camera, which cannot be turned off and is quite loud. It repeatedly reports "connected/disconnected". Also, it would be nice if the connector was USB, or preferably the camera had its own battery. Otherwise, there is nothing to complain about, it fulfills the service



Dash Cam NAVITEL R66 2K
  • Easy installation
  • It does not obstruct the field of view
  • Quality of daily record
  • Ease of use
  • Cable without the ability to charge another device
  • Slower video download to your phone

The camera itself could be placed behind the rear view mirror and does not interfere with the view. For installation, there is a long enough charging cable terminated solidly with a connector to the car charger without an additional USB-A/C output, which at first glance is the biggest minus. After the first start-up, the camera communicates in Czech and the connection with the service application was made via WiFi on the first try. The app is localized into Czech and is clear. The only thing slower is downloading video through the app. The recording itself can be started/stopped with a single button on the side of the camera. All notifications are spoken in English. The image quality during daily recording is of a high standard. The camera copes very quickly with light/shadow transitions and selects the exposure ideally with respect to the shot. Night recordings are decent: realistic colours and relatively little noise in the image. License plates are no longer legible. At night, you need to watch out for reflections from other devices, which create an unwanted projection on the window.


Low visibility, low sales and artificial reviews are not good for the brand

We want to be heard." That was the client's wish. Although NAVITEL is a global player, it only has 20 % of the market in the Czech Republic. It was therefore concerned about poor visibility, especially when promoting planned new products. They had already been taking advantage of product testing for some time, but they tested everything themselves. Thus, feedback from a disinterested person, which is always more valuable, was missing. They needed to get quality unbiased reviews and at the same time promote brand awareness. But there was still a fear that ordinary consumers would not understand the technical product and the reviews would be worthless. This was exactly the challenge for us to show what our Brand Testing Club testers could do.

You'll find the biggest geeks in our communities

We had no problem finding 796 of them and NAVITEL chose the 50 best. They had no problem with controlling the camera and 100% of testers would recommend the product. The resulting reviews were detailed, informative and showed that the view from the other side is simply priceless. The marketing effect was immediate, with sales up 30%. At the same time, NAVITEL received plenty of quality content (photos and videos) to use for promotion, and the language versions of all the texts made the job much easier.


Client statement:

We were worried about the quality of the testers, so that the person knew at least a little bit about technology. Brand Testing Club provided us with assistance in the selection process and, most importantly, 5 times more testers. So we had a lot to choose from. Testing the dashcam was a test project. It went very well and we will continue to test other products with Brand Testing Club. I look forward to further cooperation.

Martin Lukš

Manager of Sales

navitel logo

Brand Testing Club statement:

Many brands test their products themselves, as NAVITEL did. But brands often suffer from author blindness and may not discover real product flaws during their own testing. Moreover, customers themselves prefer unbiased reviews from ordinary consumers. This is evidenced by NAVITEL's post-campaign business results.

Zuzana Buštíková

Project Manager


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