Pre-testing and experience testing for Philips generated a total of 1135 reviews


The cooperation started in 2014, when the first community testing platform ŽENY s.r.o. was created. Although Philips has its own testing platform, it still regularly uses the know-how and services in the form of experiential testing, review generation and Word of Mouth in the relevant community.

The greatest interest from the client was always in the so-called PRE-TESTING, i.e. obtaining feedback and reviews before the product was launched on the market. Each generated review, whether in the community, on Heureka.cz or other sales e-shops, meant a higher probability of reaching consumers who were hesitant.


Number of testing

Campaigns implemented since 2018.

1 135

Number of reviews

Reviews shared on the community, Philips e-shop and Heureka.cz

2 058

Number of people registered for testing

Interested women who wanted to test Philips products

Reviews posted on:



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How has the cooperation always been different?

Thanks to our long-term cooperation and perfect assignment in the client's expectations, we could always prepare a customized campaign. I.e. to reach the exact target group and, in case of interest, to arrange a meeting with a potential customer. For example, when testing steam generators, the campaign strategy was even changed. The opportunity to test the product in practice in combination with a meeting of the brand manager who personally presents the benefits has always been a very successful format of the so-called experiential testing.

Why is long-term cooperation an advantage?

It is not only with Philips that testers have shown a high level of interest in the products on several occasions, even if they were not selected for testing and were very interested in buying the product. Over the years, we have been able to generate thousands of reviews for the brand across the internet and additional feedback in the form of stars, NPS and other data from existing and potential customers of the brand.

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PHILIPS aims to improve people's lives through meaningful innovation. Philips is the market leader in men's shaving and teeth cleaning.

Client statement:

"Thanks to the community of ŽENY s.r.o., Testuj.to has managed to escape its competitors thanks to its user interface and cooperation with other portals. I appreciate the professional approach of the merchants and individual accounts for every campaign they think of and their service and approach is above standard at this time. And I believe it is because of this approach towards microinfluencers as well that success rate in terms of testers posting reviews is so high."

Martin Žižka

Digital Marketing Manager Philips

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Brand Testing Club statement:

"The cooperation with the client Philips has been long-standing and every new campaign is always a pleasure from start to finish. Every campaign brief is precise and clearly targeted. It is even more of a pleasure when the client uses all the reviews, data from the campaign and beyond in their marketing communications. Thanks to this kind of cooperation, our service and approach is also taken to the next level, and we love that!"

Jana Velínská

Community Sales


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