Reviews help sell a high quality but expensive product


Reckitt's dishwasher tablets were reliable, but more expensive than competitors' offerings. Can customers appreciate the added value? And for what would they rather pay more? With these questions, the company's management approached us.

The best solution was reviews in such quantity that they overtake the word of mouth of competing brands. So we sent the products out to the tester community, along with instructions on what to look for when testing. The result was 204 objective, information-dense reviews. Reckitt found that customers see and appreciate the product's benefits. The collected material will be used by Reckitt in a targeted content campaign.


Number of registered testers

A total of 922 testers who regularly use the dishwasher have signed up for testing.


Total number of reviews

The total number has reached a remarkable 204 reviews.


Number of negative reviews

Only 1 review out of all of them was negative.


Client satisfaction

The client expressed 100% satisfaction with our services.

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Example of reviews:


Finish Quantum Infinity Shine

If you want perfectly clean dishes from the dishwasher, Finish Quantum Infinity Shine tablets are a must-have. The dishes are perfectly clean after washing, the tablets remove even dried-on dirt and the glasses are beautifully clean and incredibly shiny again! After using the Shine tablets, the dishwasher is clean and smells great. I appreciate the practical closure of the packaging.


Reviewer on Ženy s.r.o.


Finish Quantum Infinity Shine

Finish Quantum Infinity Shine capsules are the best on the market! Compared to the competition, all dishes are washed, no food residue and glasses are beautifully shiny. As a bonus, the inside of the dishwasher shines and there is no grease build-up anywhere. The tablet dissolves completely and you won't find any residue anywhere. The pack size is ideal, it lasts a long time. I also praise the cap that keeps kids from getting into the bag.


Reviewer on Ženy s.r.o.

How to sell a more expensive product in a market full of options?

"When Reckitt came up with the new dishwasher tablets, they focused on quality. The final product was therefore perfect, but the development costs were reflected in a higher price that couldn't compete with alternatives on the market. Reckitt needed to see if customers would see the added value of the tablets and if it would make them pay a few extra pennies. He also wanted to get more reviews and increase brand credibility among clients. Contacting was the obvious choice.

Quality reviews gave the tablets both appeal and credibility

We left the problems of Reckitt to our testers. Along with the products, they received a detailed list of aspects to look out for in the tablets. This gave Reckitt 204 objective reviews, full of valuable information. The content reassured the brand, and the testers noticed and appreciated the tablet improvements. With the number of reviews, Reckitt will gradually overtake the competition, instantly becoming a proven choice in the market. In addition, it has acquired quality content that will be used in the marketing campaign.

The company's products are sold in nearly 200 countries. Reckitt divides most of its products into three main categories - health, hygiene and household.

Client statement:

"We usually gather the first reviews for a product for quite a long time. accelerated the writing of these reviews for us. It started with reviews from testers, but the next reviews were already from regular customers. That's what makes us even more excited about the collaboration, because we're still benefiting from it even after the project is over. I was intrigued by the range of their testers and the fact that the entire testing process is handled by, from sending the products to the testers to delivering the reviews. I always expect 100% from any service and working with was definitely 100%."

Miroslav Šiška

B&C Specialist


Brand Testing Club statement:

"Testers were tasked with focusing on specific features during testing, which they rated in their reviews. The goal of the collaboration was to deliver reviews that would convince potential customers that the product is worth paying extra for if the quality is high, and we definitely succeeded. Thanks to the collaboration, the client has received a great number of authentic reviews that they can continue to use. But it didn't end there! More and more new authentic reviews started to be added to our testers' reviews, but this time from actual customers. I rate the cooperation as very successful."

Michaela Kvapilová

Project Manager


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