Russell Hobbs supported the product launch with Brand Testing Club

The Russell Hobbs brand was not well known among consumers. It has recently started to produce a unique hot-air fryer, about which the Czech customer should learn more. Although the testers had to buy the product at a discount and did not get it for free, it was not a problem to find enough interested people from the relevant target group. In addition to the reviews, the client also gained valuable information about the needs of consumers and their motivation to buy the fryer.


About company Spectrum Brands

Spectrum Brands is a home appliance company trusted by millions of consumers around the world. Their brands improve the way people live at home - from preparing food, to looking their best and caring for pets, to cleaning the home and ridding the space of unwanted weeds and pests.

The company has a broad portfolio that includes the Russell Hobbs brand. For over 65 years, Russell Hobbs has been providing high quality kitchen appliances at an affordable price. - náhledová grafika ke článkům (730 x 340 px) - nový web (740 x 480 px) (17)



Kitchen appliances

Company size

1,001-5,000 employees

Country of testing


Use case

Product Launch


  • Reviews
  • Photos
  • Questionaires
  • Slovak translations of reviews


Number of applications

Although it was not a free product, there were enough people willing to purchase the product at a 50% discount.



Completed questionnaires

Through the questionnaires, the client found out how the customer thinks when buying a given type of product. This information will be used to prepare launches of other products.


Unique reviews

The reviews were published on 5 internet platforms in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (translations).


Average rating

The client received very positive feedback.



Average NPS score

The product received a high Net Promoter Score from all testers.


100 %

Delivered reviews

The testers have written all the necessary reviews honestly. 


Reviews posted on:




reviews (transl.)




reviews (transl.)



Example of content created by testers:

Multifunctional hot air fryer Satisfry Air & Grill Multicooker 5,5 l
  • Amount of food that can be prepared
  • Multifunctional
  • Saves time
  • Saves energy
  • It can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Beautiful design
  • In the instructions there is cooking in water and in other languages it is not, even so there is no such program option

There are no limits to the imagination here. If you are imaginative, like fast and healthy food presentation, Russel Hobbs is the obvious choice. I didn't expect the speed at which the fryer can prepare food. We very much like to eat potatoes any way we like, but my wife is very picky when it comes to food preparation. She is satisfied beyond measure, the potatoes were delicious, everything is dishwasher safe which my wife also appreciated and most importantly it can prepare a large amount of food, we did not expect that. She already has a nickname at home, Frája. Frája is a great household helper, price performance ratio? Unreal. Just really read the instructions.


Multifunctional hot air fryer Satisfry Air & Grill Multicooker 5,5 l
  • Easy maintenance
  • Speed of heating
  • Easy to understand control panel
  • Simple design

A smart hot air fryer with suitable pre-set programmes that can be applied to a wide range of dishes. The indisputable advantage over a conventional oven is the short heating time and efficient use of heat without large losses. The non-stick surface of the inner pan and the grid ensures quick and easy maintenance, where sometimes even a paper kitchen towel is enough.


Neither Czechs nor Slovaks know the Russell Hobbs brand well

Although Russell Hobbs has been producing quality and affordable kitchen appliances for over 65 years, not much is heard about this brand on the Czech and Slovak markets. As brand awareness is very low, it is difficult to gain the trust of customers and motivate them to buy, especially when compared to better known brands and competitors' products.

The aim of the campaign with Brand Testing Club was to gain the trust of consumers

The introduction of hot air fryers to the market was problematic because the Russell Hobbs brand was not known and trusted by users as much as the competition. That's why Russell Hobbs partnered with us. Our aim was to support the launch of the hot air fryers, to get reviews, and to show potential customers that the brand was trustworthy and that they wouldn't go wrong by buying these products. This will also boost sales.

It was also important for Russell Hobbs to find out if hot air fryers are attractive to Czech and Slovak customers. Are these products that have a place in our kitchens? Getting reviews will help customers decide if they are interested in the product, but if neither Czechs nor Slovaks are interested in the product, reviews will not help. Russell Hobbs is aware of this, which is why market research was also our goal.

The last goal we set was to raise awareness of the brand. The client also liked the opportunity to raise the profile of these products through our newsletter and Facebook and Instagram posts. Therefore, client also sees the actual collection of registrations as an advertisement that helps to raise awareness of the brand, even if some people choose not to participate in the testing.

We have achieved the set goals

Although this was a discounted product testing, which usually has fewer applicants, 71 people signed up for the testing and were willing to purchase the fryer at a 50% discount. All selected testers published 5 unique reviews on five different portals - (czech Brand Testing Club),,, and Electro World. The product received a total of 50 reviews (30 reviews and 20 translations) - an average rating of 4.5 and an average NPS score of 9.2.

An important insight gained by the client through testing is the amount of money a potential customer is willing to pay for the fryer. It turned out that Czech and Slovak consumers are willing to pay less than the non-discounted price of the tested product. They also found out for which target group the current price of the fryer is acceptable. As a result, the client now knows that the fryer is not for everyone in the Czech and Slovak market.

Compared to the Polish market, it is obvious that there is not as much interest in hot air fryers on our market. This fact was identified by our client as very important. Knowing that this product will not be sold on our market, brand can concentrate its resources and energy on selling other products. Through our campaign and market research, the client now knows what products are in demand and which products they will focus on testing in the future with our platform.

Most valuable is the data

The client was looking for 10 testers to test the product and write reviews on it. We managed to get over 70 people who were willing to buy the fryer with a 50% discount. From them we selected the most suitable testers matching the intended target group. Each of the candidates filled in a questionnaire in which they answered questions about their own preferences, habits and reasons for buying. There was more than enough data collected from the sign-up questionnaires and the client appreciated it very much.

It's not easy to find out what's on potential customers' minds, and our testing lets the client know how consumers think. Thanks to our data, client already knows how well-known the Russell Hobbs brand is in the Czech Republic and why people are interested in hot air fryers. They can then use this knowledge in their marketing campaigns to target consumers' exact motivations. The data collected is also used to train the client's sales representatives and salespeople at Electro World stores.

High recommendation score earned our stamp of approval

Razítka pracovná verzia (1)Testers gave the Russell Hobbs hot air fryer an average NPS score of 9.2. This, combined with an average rating of 4.5, resulted in a well-deserved award of our quality seal and stamp. This may be what decides which of the competing products potential customers choose.


Client's statement:

Brand Testing Club provided us not only with reviews. We gained much better insight into the behaviour of our target group. We not only work with the resulting data in marketing, but we also use it in training at stores and sales reps. Thank you for your pleasant cooperation, especially your proactivity, willingness and calmness.

Markéta Červinková

Trade Marketing Manager - náhledová grafika ke článkům (730 x 340 px) - nový web (740 x 480 px) (17)

Brand Testing Club statement:

Over the years that we have been working with reviews, we have learned that authentic reviews work best the moment product hit the market. Especially when it comes to more expensive products, particularly electronics. That's why we are happy to have another case study where authentic reviews combined with other forms of UGC have helped with product launch. 

Zuzana Burzová

Project & Customer Success Manager

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