Testing with microinfluencers as a great addition to your marketing strategy

Product testing doesn't have to be just a way to collect a bunch of authentic reviews in a relatively short period of time. It's also great as a complement to an existing marketing strategy.

The same vision was shared by the Fuse agency, which wanted to enrich its portfolio of services with another suitable activity. The agency therefore teamed up with Testuj.to to explore microinfluencer testing for their client.


Number of clients

3 clients from FUSE tried testing with microinfluencers.


Number of products tested

We tested LG appliances, HP printers and Shelma cat food.


Number of applications

Four test campaigns and overwhelming interest from testers.


Total number of reviews

Testers and testers did their best.

Reviews posted on:







For more expensive products, reviews are decisive

Fuse's clients often include well-known brands offering more expensive products or services. These clients have a more coherent marketing strategy and regularly come up with innovative products that are not yet known to customers and are yet to hit the market. These are exactly the right candidates for generating reviews. That's why Fuse decided to send selected products to the doors of our testers.

The testers this time were businesswomen

A campaign to test HP printers, LG electronic appliances and Shelma cat food with microinfluencers among businesswomen proved that reviews make the difference for more expensive products. Thanks to the collaboration with Testuj.to, they can now offer their clients a wider range of options when it comes to content strategy in the form of objective feedback, which consumers are looking for so much.


The Fuse agency creates relevant content for well-known brands and finds ways to make themselves visible to customers.
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Client statement:

"For our clients, we look for unique ways to connect their brand with interesting content and customize content solutions. Particularly for products that are new to the Czech market or have only been on the market for a short time, we have found it useful to use objective feedback in the form of real customer reviews to create content strategies and target them precisely. These are very popular and often decisive for the purchase. Our partnership with Testuj.to, using the example of testing printers with microinfluencers from the ranks of businesswomen, has confirmed that this can be another way to make the decision process easier for our clients' customers and thus expand our portfolio of marketing activities. Thanks to the Testuj.to team for the pleasant cooperation and professional presentation of the results."

Kamila Pacula

Digital creative strategist

Brand Testing Club statement:

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"Testing with FUSE has clearly shown that generating online reviews can be a great addition to a comprehensive marketing campaign. Thanks to excellent communication from both sides and testing with our loyal microinfluencers, FUSE can now enrich its portfolio with another value-added marketing activity. Thank you so much Kamila for a great collaboration and I believe we will implement many more campaigns together."

Pavlína Žabková

Community Senior Account Manager
Dominika Kratinová

“Find out how we can help you with Brand Testing Club”

Dominika Kratinová - Sales Account Executive Brand Testing Club
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