Mattel took away both reviews and insights into the customer mindset


Mattel has been selling Barbie and Fisher-Price game consoles since 1945. But it is just getting off the ground in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and lacks reviews, a website and insight into how the domestic buyer actually thinks. So after careful consultation, we selected suitable testers and created a 15-item questionnaire that we sent out across the country along with the products. The result exceeded our expectations - not only a large number of informative reviews came back, but also several thousand completed surveys. After reading them, Mattel literally experienced a sense of insight and immediately applied the data to all aspects of their sales strategy. In addition, Mattel received valuable feedback from the text of the reviews, which, among other things, prompted it to modify some of its products



A total of 16 products were tested, 14 in the Czech Republic and 2 in Slovakia.

6 433

Completed questionnaires

Some of the questionnaires contained up to 15 questions, which provided a huge amount of information to the client.


Average rating

All tested products had positive feedback.


Returnability of reviews

Testers do not take writing reviews frivolously.

Reviews placed on:



















Example of reviews:


My First Barbie Doll

Barbie for little girls is great, it surprised me very pleasantly. The whole package is very nice, Barbie has an extra bed, dresses to change and other accessories with which the little girl will play. Compared to other dolls I like how the whole package is sophisticated, for small children the doll is perfect in size and material and all the additional props are just the right size.


Reviewer on Brand Testing Club


Fisher-Price Giant Xylophone

This xylophone is a total blast, especially when you have two kids close in age at home. That's why I really like the ability to choose programs and levels and use the toy for both a toddler and a two year old. The younger one will especially appreciate the colours and flashing of the different keys, the older one will appreciate the songs and the educational program where they learn colours, shapes and numbers.


Reviewer on Brand Testing Club

A well-known brand in a new market: it won't work without testing! 

With toy retailer Mattel, we tackled the basic problems of any business - it had few reviews, little idea of brand word of mouth and a lack of insight into the mind of the customer. So in addition to the usual product testing, we created a 15-question questionnaire for buyers to complete. The result? Breathtaking.  

More than 6,000 responses and a reviews full of information  

Nearly an impressive 6,500 questionnaires were returned. Together with the reviews, this turned Mattel's business thinking on its head - they immediately applied the data to virtually every aspect of their brand strategy, from product placement to PR. The feeling that clients could "see inside the head" of the brand finally allowed the brand to deliver 100% on their wishes. Thanks to the content of the reviews, they'll increase their credibility, and they even figured out the shortage of one of the products. Now they know how to fix it and start on a whole new level. For us, an absolutely great result! 

With a group of 13,000 media and marketing professionals in more than 130 countries, the company's primary focus is on clients, consulting and community, and its mission is to ensure clients win in the marketplace.  
Mattel is an American toy manufacturer that operates in 40 countries and sells its products in over 150 countries. Some of its brands include Fisher-Price, Barbie, Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

Client's statement:

We went for the reviews, but the biggest surprise was the information from the questionnaires. Learning how parents think about buying toys. Reviews are key to Mattel's consumer decision-making on the vendor's site. Because for people, the most powerful review is on an independent comparator. It has a completely different telling value. The testers were not acquaintances or acquaintances of acquaintances. There are thoughts of people that are not known at Mattel. The questionnaires are great to use for marketing purposes and product development. Both us and the client were very happy with the cooperation. We will keep it going.  

Karolina Mendlová

Senior Digital Media Buyer, MEDIABRANDS


Brand Testing Club statement:

For Mattel, the questionnaires were a huge added value, which makes us at Brand Testing Club very happy, because we have been trying to show for a long time that working with us is not just about verified reviews on Heureka. Of course, this doesn't change the fact that the quality of the reviews and also the guaranteed quantity of them is a priority for us. I think that we have been successful in fulfilling both factors.  

Pavlína Žabková

Head of Project & Customer Success Management - logo-1

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