Translation of reviews doubled their number for Cointreau

MAST - Jaegermeister wanted to take advantage of the increased popularity of online shopping for its Cointreau orange liqueur. It was looking for a way to promote the small brand and gather enough reviews to boost sales.

We reached 50 female testers over the age of 25 with a pre-testing style challenge. In addition to their reviews, they also surprised us with a number of creative ideas on how to serve Cointreau liqueur. Together with the testers' high-quality photos, this makes for great material for marketing communications.The collected reviews were then translated into Slovak using, and suddenly there were twice as many.


Total number of reviews

The translation of the reviews doubled their number.


Registered testers

However, only 50 testers were selected for testing.


Testing page view

So many testers visited the test challenge page.



The degree of customer loyalty to the brand.

Reviews posted on:





Selling alcohol over the internet is tricky

During the pandemic, customers got used to online shopping. For some products, online placement suits them, but for others it is a bit unusual. Alcohol, for example. It's never been sold online before. That's why French liqueur Cointreau has been looking for ways to adapt to the situation effectively, to raise its profile, to make customers believe in it and to buy easily online. MAST - Jaegermeister (under which the Cointreau brand belongs) was also interested in consumer feedback. Specifically, whether they saw any similarities in the product to other alcoholic drinks that are suitable for simple home mixed drinks. Before launching, it was necessary to verify that consumers perceived the added value of Cointreau liqueur.

The customer is more likely to buy what he has already heard about

For this occasion, we chose pre-testing style testing. This method is suitable for products that have low consumer awareness or have not yet entered the market at all. By the time you officially launch them on the market, you will already be provided with a sufficient number of reviews and therefore a competitive advantage. We put out a test call and the first applications from testers didn't take long to come in. We collected a total of 100 reviews, got feedback on the taste of the liqueur, increased overall sales in the key summer period and measured 90 NPS (net promoter score - an indicator of customer loyalty).

MAST-Jaegermeister CZ

The company has been producing the world's best-selling herbal liqueur for over 80 years and is a distributor of premium alcohol brands such as METAXA, Tullamore Dew and Grant's.
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Client statement:

"For those who are serious about e-commerce, reviews are a must. Thanks to reviews, we got quick and useful feedback from our customers and got a much better understanding of how they consume Cointreau at home. Not only were we more confident in launching the liqueur, but at the same time we were much more familiar with how our customers consume the liqueur. We were surprised by how many variations they came up with. That's something we can work well with now marketing-wise. Our efforts have even been recognised at the head office of the brand's owner, Rémy-Cointreau, in Geneva. Personally, I recommend to other colleagues in other countries, where they are also planning to develop e-commerce or launch premium alcohol brands. I also thank the team for their very proactive approach when it comes to customizing the project for our specific alcohol sales segment."

Jiří Poláček

Brand Manager

Brand Testing Club statement:

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"Communication with Jirka was fantastic throughout the campaign. Not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. We always set everything up quickly together, when we came across a point to solve, Jiří was immediately proactive and started to solve everything. A funny moment came when Cointreau liqueur was on sale and Jiří sent us a flyer to point out that we could buy it. We definitely look forward to working with Jiří and Jaegermeister again."

Tomáš Bušek

Community Sales Manager
Michaela Antikainen

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