We have created a uniquely organic approach to influencer marketing

Last year, the Testfluencers project was the idea of Konektor Influencers, an influencer marketing expert, who invited our Brand Testing Club team to collaborate with them. And within the first few months of its launch, a number of successful collaborations were realized.

The most successful was the campaign for the Lovela brand, which introduced a new product, promoted CSR activities and had a reach of over 1,000,000 impressions. In addition, it received 230 reviews with a 4.8/5* rating and 1,500 people interested in testing it, which Lovela will use in future communications.


Registered testers

A new approach to influencer marketing has started a rapid increase of interest.


Reviews rated 4.8/5

Positive reviews are what can convince one to buy.

over 1 000 000

Post Views

Lovela product testing reached over 1,000,000 accounts.

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Testfluencers: collaboration that benefits everyone

In the beginning, the idea was to bring added value to both clients and influencers. The result is the unique Testfluencers project, which benefits both brands, influencers and their followers, and last but not least the customers themselves. Brands get valuable reviews from the very first day a product goes on sale. Influencers benefit from increased post reach and follower engagement. Testers get the opportunity to be among the first to try the product or keep it after testing, and customers have access to reviews from real users.

Original promo with fantastic results

Influencers usually post promo codes that will get you a discount. It's a boring routine with no organic overlap. Offering your followers the opportunity to test the products and also turn into micro-influencers thanks to the written reviews turned out to be the best way to go. The Remington brand received nearly 600 test leads and a 4.5/5* rating. The micro-influencers and their viral content threw Kozel almost 450 test leads, without investing in an advertising budget. The most successful communication was for Lovela, which introduced a new product, publicized CSR activities, had a reach of over 1,000,000 impressions, delivered 230 reviews with a rating of 4.8/5* as well as 1,500 test takers, which Lovela will use in further communication.

Konektor Influencers

The agency focuses on influencer marketing and has run campaigns with over 100 influencers since its inception in 2016 (previously under the Hive brand). It works with influencers to tailor the collaboration to individual brands so that companies get the best possible results.
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Client statement:

"Testfluencers was created with the idea of bringing an original benefit to our clients and in the end it turned out that this project brings even more to all parties involved. The implemented campaigns confirm that brands not only can gain so many valuable reviews, for example on the first day of sales, but also insight into the customer mindset and increased brand affinity. But this form of collaboration is also extremely beneficial for the influencers themselves, not to mention the engagement of users who really enjoy Testfluencers."

Veronika Zajícová

Influencer Marketing Consultant, Konektor Influencers

Brand Testing Club statement:

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"From Instagram and other social networks, you may be used to influencers posting promo codes to buy a product at a discount. Classic influencer marketing. But when you start offering products to test for free in exchange for quality reviews, interest rises rapidly. This is what we have verified with our testing with Konektor Influencers."

Pavlína Žabková

Community Senior Account Manager
Michaela Antikainen

“Find out how we can help you with Brand Testing Club”

Michaela Antikainen - Sales Development Representative Brand Testing Club
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