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3. 7. 2023

How do baby boomers perceive online reviews? Over stars they want text

There are quite a few boomers in the Czech Republic and they are a valuable target group for many brands. Most of them are retired, have grown up children and enough money to buy even more expensive products. But how do they perceive online reviews? Do they trust them? And are they important to them at all? Find out more in today's article.
12. 6. 2023

Returning products costs companies billions, stop it with quality reviews

During an economic crisis, a company needs to successfully complete maximum sales without excess costs in order to generate the greatest possible profit. Product returns are a ...
7. 6. 2023

What motivates people to write reviews? A great experience, rewards and a sense of community

A large number of quality reviews will be absolutely crucial for brand trust and sales. How to get customers to write as many as possible?
10. 5. 2023

How to respond to reviews: with positive ones, establish a relationship; with negative ones, clearly name the problem

Responses to reviews can both annoy and amaze. When they are organic, written to order and thoughtful, they create a loyal clientele and positive word of mouth. ...
4. 4. 2023

3 reasons not to cut the marketing budget during the crisis

Writing off marketing during a crisis is the second most serious corporate transgression, after shutting down the company coffee machine. It may work in the short term, ...
21. 3. 2023

Reviews are a good source of information. How to take advantage of it?

Reviews don't just have to help your customers. With careful analysis, you can extract information for SEO, product development, advertising and marketing in general. Find out how ...
14. 3. 2023

For positive reviews, stars are not enough: customers need long texts

Recent posts on our blog clearly suggest that the more reviews you have, the better for your business. You may have been pleased to discover that your ...
7. 3. 2023

What do reviews that actually maximize conversions look like?

When a customer reads your reviews, they are looking for very specific things to make a purchase decision. Your job is to make these elements as accessible ...
28. 2. 2023

Even negative reviews can sell, up to 82% of buyers are looking for them

You can't please everyone. Even if you have a top product, one day something won't work, taste or look good. And that's how you get a bad ...
21. 2. 2023

The more reviews you get, the better you get or how to increase conversions by 250%

We have a lot of data from robust analytics that reveal the answers to how the amount of reviews can sway your sales page conversions. To help ...
9. 2. 2023

Quantity vs. quality: you need both for online reviews

Reviews are about quantity as well as quality. The number of reviews directly increases conversions and sales. Content often determines whether a customer completes a purchase. Why ...
31. 1. 2023

Product Launch: how to have an effective go-to-market strategy for a new product?

Collecting reviews before the product is launched? What on earth is the point of that? Not only will you pick up on the product's flaws, but you'll ...
18. 12. 2022

Marketing without reviews doesn't work: data and common sense say so

Reviews rule modern marketing, yet they can be forgotten when planning campaigns. Some businesses do this deliberately, thinking that their marketing is different, differently focused, or that ...
14. 12. 2022

Do you want to buy positive reviews from us? 

Of course, we always try to meet your needs. Don't expect anything else. But only within the limits that we understand and believe are right, ethical and ...
1. 11. 2022

What is Net Promoter Score (NPS), why do you want to measure it and how to do it

NPS is essential in business. It strongly predicts growth potential, customer satisfaction and brand reputation. It is easy to measure, but easy to misinterpret. Companies also often ...
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