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This blog will tell you about new marketing trends in the field of collaboration with tester communities. You'll also learn about user-generated content, or getting reviews. There will also be news from the world of Brand Testing Club.
18. 12. 2022

Marketing without reviews doesn't work: data and common sense say so

Reviews rule modern marketing, yet they can be forgotten when planning campaigns. Some businesses do this deliberately, thinking that their marketing is different, differently focused, or that ...
14. 12. 2022

Do you want to buy positive reviews from us? 

Of course, we always try to meet your needs. Don't expect anything else. But only within the limits that we understand and believe are right, ethical and ...
1. 11. 2022

What is Net Promoter Score (NPS), why do you want to measure it and how to do it

NPS is essential in business. It strongly predicts growth potential, customer satisfaction and brand reputation. It is easy to measure, but easy to misinterpret. Companies also often ...
27. 1. 2022

5 reasons why online reviews are essential to your brand's success

How do you know your favourite product? It has a ton of reviews. Most customers read them, then decide whether to buy or not. Why are online ...
12. 1. 2022

What is brand trust and how it affects the success of your brand

Trust is a fundamental pillar of business. If a customer trusts a brand, they buy from it repeatedly and don't skimp on positive reviews. A loss of ...
Brand Testing Club is a new marketing tool that aims to help brands test products and generate reviews across Europe along with other authentic content from testers. This creates priceless advertising that customers trust.
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